Terms & Conditions

Money Back Guarantee

If you feel unhappy in any way with the service I supply then you are entitled to activate the Money Back Guarantee (MBG).

The MBG only applies to either:

  1. The hour you are currently on (based on the starting time of your lesson) OR
  2. The last hour of your previous lesson.

If you book a lesson of longer than 2 hours and activate the MBG, you will only be refunded the cost of 1 hour in total.

Once the MBG had been activated:

  1. You will need to find a new driving instructor.
  2. If currently on a lesson, you will be dropped back to your pickup point or another place of your choice if more convenient.
  3. If you have booked a block of lessons at a discounted rate, the money returned is the amount of the block booking minus the number of previous hours at the current full hourly rate e.g.
    Hourly rate: £10
    Block rate: £80 for 10
    You have used up 4 hours when you activate the MBG (or are in your current 4th hour); you will be viewed as having used 3 hours at £10 (£30); have paid £80, and so will be refunded £50 once you supply a bank account to transfer the money into.

Pass Promise

If you fail your driving test first time with me, I will contribute £62 (either financially or discounted off further lessons) towards the cost of your 2nd test.

To qualify for the Pass Promise:

  1. You must pass your Theory Test within 6 weeks of your first driving lesson with me.
  2. You must have had a minimum of 12 hours tuition with me prior to the driving test
  3. The driving test must be taken in my car.
  4. You must have had an average of a minimum of 2 hours tuition per week, so if you took 10 weeks from your first lesson you must have had 20 hours tuition.
  5. You must have at least 6 hours tuition between your first and second tests.
  6. You go for the driving test once I feel you have a realistic chance of passing. I will never stop anyone from going for a test if they want to; however, if I recommend against going for a test and you go anyway, then you do not qualify for the pass promise.
  7. You will have failed for something you haven’t been warned of or taught about before the test.

2 Year Warranty

The 2 year Warranty is my commitment to you to keep you safe on the roads. Got a new car and want to learn to park it? Not feeling confident in a more powerful car and just want your hand held?

  1. The warranty starts from the day you pass your driving test.
  2. I will give you 3 hours tuition as you see fit.
  3. Hours cannot be carried over.
  4. The lessons can be in your own car or mine, whichever you prefer.
  5. The date and time of the lessons must be mutually beneficial.
  6. There is no cash alternative.
  7. Hours cannot be transferred to a third party.
  8. The warranty does not cover new topics such as Pass Plus courses or Motorway driving.
  9. The lessons must be taken within a 20 mile radius of GU14 9TW.
  10. You must still hold a valid full UK licence.
  11. You must have left a review of me on Yelp, Google or Facebook since passing

Reliabilty Guarantee

I guarantee that I will turn up for your lessons. Too many times you hear about unreliable instructors leaving you in the lurch – not me!

Now I’m not perfect and I make mistakes (sometimes) and just as I expect commitment from you, you should expect it from me, so if I fail to turn up for your lesson not only do you not get charged for the missed lesson but I will give you your next hour for FREE, simple.

To qualify:

  1. You didn’t get 24 hours notice prior to your lesson (I will text and phone until I get hold of you).
  2. There’s been a miscommunication or I forgot to write it into my diary, i.e you’re waiting for me and I just don’t turn up.
  3. I am too ill or damaged to teach for a second or more time.

What doesn’t qualify:

  1. Car crash – as a driving instructor, I get hit from behind from time to time. If the car is un-roadworthy and I can’t get to you, this is not my fault. I can normally get a replacement within a few days so I will agree with you about rescheduling your lesson.
  2. I have a temporary fault with the car; a popped tyre for instance or engine fault.
  3. The first time I am ill, damaged or family emergency (just like you get to cancel on me at short notice once).

Your Commitment To Me

Now I have shown my commitment to you it’s only fair you see what I expect from you.

  1. I operate a 48hr cancellation policy. Before doing this, I was frequently let down by students who’d book a lesson then not turn up. Not only do I lose income but I could have been teaching someone else who actually wants lessons.
    I appreciate that things happen and so the first time you cancel a lesson, you can have it for free, but (unless pre agreed) any subsequent late cancellations would be charged. Please do always contact me though, if I can find someone to take your slot (and I often can) then you won’t be charged as I haven’t lost out financially.
  2. Please wear suitable attire such as trainers or shoes, not flip flops or high heels. Anything that could interfere with your sight or control, i.e hats or floppy clothing should be thought about before hand.
  3. Please make sure you are clean and presentable; it’s a confined space and jumping in after working at the gym or a heavy day of manual labour can make for some interesting odours – be nice to me is all I’m asking.
  4. Make sure you are ready for your drive – you have a responsibility to you, me and other road users to be alert. Make sure you get a good nights sleep and aren’t affected by drink or drugs. Again, common sense please, If I feel you are in no fit state to drive I won’t let you drive, we could do theory or I could demo drive and show what you need to do. You could always opt for going back home again but then that would fall under the 48hr cancellation policy.

One Final Thing

Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure that the student meets the required levels to pass the driving test; I am unable to guarantee a pass every time.

The student will be assessed by the DSA on their driving ability on the day and should they meet the required level, they will pass; should the student drive below the required level however, they will not pass. It is therefore the responsibility of the student to drive in accordance with the training they have received.

All students taking tuition from Gavin House do so on this understanding.

Also, please check my website for the GDPR statement regarding data protection.

Your driving future awaits you; all you need to do to get started is to contact me today.