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Refresher Driving Lessons Farnborough

“I booked a few refresher lessons with Gavin after not having driven much since passing my test 7 years ago!

I would highly recommend him; he has been so calm and patient (and has made me laugh!) whilst teaching me where I am going wrong with my driving and how I can improve. What more could you need!”
Katy – Farnborough

Part Trained Driving Lessons Farnborough

“Gavin is a great driving instructor. I first heard about Gavin when he was handing out leaflets at The Meads, what stuck out in my mind from this first encounter was after picking up a business card from him, he seemed genuine in his desire to help us and offer his assistance in any way he could with regards to learning how to drive.

I decided to change to Gavin after going with another driving instructor, who I felt was more nervous than I was on my driving lessons, and was telling me what to do while in the car, but not telling me the reasons why I am doing what I am doing. After several lessons with my first instructor and not seeing any progress, I decided that I needed a change. So, I decided to give Gavin a call, on my first lesson with him, I felt like I had learnt almost nothing in my previous lessons with my previous instructor, and thus felt like I wasted money and time. Gavin not only tells you what to do, but more importantly tells you why you are doing it, so I finally understood why the car stalled, something that my previous instructor never explained to me.

Gavin’s prices may be slightly higher than some, but not all, but it is definitely better value for money because you are being taught by someone who appears to be very passionate about his job and wanting us to succeed. He doesn’t just teach us how to pass the test but how to drive for life. Giving scenarios that we may encounter in our daily life as a licensed driver.

I know I may not have been the easiest of students, but Gavin was still as patient as ever. Thank you, Gavin, for all your patience and hard work.”
Aisha – Farnborough

Fantastic Driving Instructor Farnborough

Gavin is a fantastic instructor. There was rarely a moment of uncertainty during the lessons as everything was explained clearly and if I were ever unsure he would always show me how to do things correctly.

As well as a great teacher, Gavin’s always a good laugh during lessons which could help any learners who might be feeling nervous about driving.

I’d recommend learning with Gavin to anyone. He’s helped me and many others pass their test first time, however he doesn’t just teach you how to pass the practical test; he will ensure that your attitude to driving is the correct attitude and the decisions you will make during driving are the right ones. Cheers for everything 🙂
Ben – Farnborough

Recommended Driving Instructor Chilworth

Gavin was such a good teacher. He structured all my lessons to concentrate on particular aspects of driving until I was really confident in them. We had such a good laugh and I eventually got him to like my music!!! Unfortunately I never got used to his terrible jokes! I would recommend him to anybody, especially if they struggled like me. Just so I won’t miss him too much I am going to take his Pass Plus course in the New Year!
Hannah – Chilworth

Confidence Building Driving Lessons Guildford

I couldn’t have asked for more from my learning to drive experience, and it’s all thanks to Gavin. I was somebody who previously hated driving, but his contagious enthusiasm for it made it an unexpectedly enjoyable experience. Having previously given up on my lessons with a previous instructor due to lack of confidence and understanding in my drive, Gavin found imaginative ways to help me understand why and how I was doing what I was doing in a car and on the roads. Gavin doesn’t just teach you how to pass a driving test, he teaches you how to drive! Each lesson I was given clear guidance and a road map towards my success. He fairly sounds out when you are ready for your test (not stringing you along for extra expense like some instructors!) and in regards to your lesson plans: he is in the driving seat, but you are steering the wheel (excuse the pun) as he will plan out the necessary steps for your learning, but from lesson to lesson listens out for what you would like to learn or practice next. In me passing first time, Southwest trains lost a lot of business and the road gained another safe driver, all thanks to Gav!!
Tanya – Guildford

Pass 1st Time with this Driving Instructor in Fleet

“I passed first time with Gavin having failed 3 times prior with different instructors! His level of service is amazing. He is trust worthy, professional but was always able to have a laugh in lessons. You are guaranteed to pass if you go with Gavin!”
Camilla – Fleet

Excellent Driving Instructor Guildford

“Gavin is an excellent driving instructor. He is great at teaching everything you need to know for the test as well as pointing out your mistakes and showing you how to fix them. His YouTube videos are brilliant and it’s a great way to learn all you’ll need to know.

It only took me a few months to reach a good standard and it’s all down to Gav, thanks man!”
Harry – Guildford

Recommended Driving Instructor Aldershot

“Started off with another instructor and genuinely had a fear of driving, but Gavin built up my confidence and got me to pass first time!! Honestly couldn’t recommend more.”
Jess – Aldershot

Driving Lessons Basingstoke

“I couldn’t recommend Gavin enough! He put so much time and effort into making sure I understood exactly what I was doing, and why I was doing it, so that I completely understood the car and the roads. This gave me so much confidence, and meant that I felt fully ready when I passed my test. Not only is he an amazing teacher, but I really enjoyed all of my lessons, and always had a laugh! 100% recommend!”
Charlotte – Basingstoke

Excellent Driving Instructor Fleet

“I unfortunately failed my first test back in June and found Gavin through his YouTube videos. He had such good reviews I thought I have to give him a try. I had around 40 hours driving experience previously, but Gavin had to take me right back to basics to get me to the correct standard. I was such a nervous driver, but he made me feel at ease and made jokes to make the drive more relaxing. Today I passed my test with 5 minor faults. I’m so proud of myself and it’s all thanks to Gavin’s excellent teaching. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to pass their driving test. Thanks again Gavin!”
Sophie – Fleet

Great Driving Instructor Guildford

Learning to drive recently has been hard because of covid. I began learning with my dad as finding an instructor was hard. my driving was average before I met Gavin, however, I had a massive confidence drop after another driving instructor said I wasn’t good enough and should cancel my test as I wouldn’t have been ready for it. Ignoring that instructor’s guidance, I came to Gavin about a month ago asking for his help. Gavin is such a great instructor, he knows exactly what he is talking about and gives the best positive energy in the car, making you feel totally relaxed while driving, and with all Gavin’s help, I Passed my test, first try today!”
James – Guildford

Amazing Driving Instructor Aldershot 10/10

“Amazing teacher helped pass 1st time would highly recommend.
Previously I had other driving lessons with Think and I have learnt a lot more in the same amount of time thanks to Gavin’s help. 10/10”
Harvey – Aldershot

Refresher Driving Lessons Basingstoke

“I arranged some refresher lessons with Gavin after not driving regularly since passing my test. He responded to me quickly and was able to get me back on the road in no time. He tailored lessons to suit me and was receptive to my needs. Gavin also provided very good materials in order to help my driving and gave feedback in a way that was easy to understand. Would highly recommend!”
Adam – Basingstoke