What was your motivation to come to me?
Well I was recommended by a family friend who spoke very kindly of you, so the choice to come to you was a no brainer!

How did you get my details?
I easily found your contact details on your Facebook page after searching your name.

Did you do a trial lesson with me?
No, I didn’t.

What made you decide to go with me?
I didn’t feel the need to change instructors at any point as your tuition was great and you could always arrange a time that would suit my busy timetable.

Before you came to me, did you have any previous driving instructors?

Do you feel like you are getting/got value for money?
Absolutely! I was more than happy to pay the price I payed for the tuition I received as you catered for my slow learning and had patience and advice when things didn’t go quite so well.

Is there anything that impressed you during your time with me?
I was impressed with your ability to talk me through certain things on the road that I was unsure about, and your demonstrations also really helped clarify what I had to in certain situations. Any question I had you were able to give an answer, which helped me immensely.

What did you enjoy most about your lessons?
It was always good to have a chat and to also learn something new and valuable each lesson. I also enjoyed how in the latter stages I was able to choose what I wanted to practice and how you could find a suitable location for what I wanted to practice.

Did you look forward to your lessons?
Always, you had a lot to do with it and it wasn’t just wanting to drive that made me look forward to the occasion. I can’t help but think if I had a different instructor I didn’t like, I wouldn’t have had such an enjoyable experience.

Did you experience any problems learning? If so, did I help you to overcome them effectively and how did I do it?
I was very much a slow learner and it would take me a while to get things. Your persistence and patience were of great help.

For those who have never met me, how would you describe me to others?
Someone who’s like a mate who knows how to drive, and they’re really good at what they do!

Why should someone choose me?
Because you are Helpful, Understanding and will suit anybody’s rate of learning.

Would you recommend me to your friends and family?
Yes I would!

For someone who hasn’t been to a driving test, what’s it like? Is it hard? What are the examiners like? Any tips for others?
Unlike most people I found it very scary! I was very nervous the first time round but if you enjoy the pressure and even have the tiniest bit more confidence than I do, then you’ll be just fine! The best tip I have for you is listening to some music on the radio or from a CD or something. Takes the edge off the atmosphere and relaxes you, it helped me an awful lot.