Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get points on your licence as a learner?

Yes you can so be careful! Please click here for more information.

When can I start driving lessons?

You can legally start driving on the roads with an instructor, or legally eligible parent or guardian once you have reached the age of 17 and possess a UK Provisional Driving License.

How many lessons will I need?

Learning to drive can be a variable process for different people, for some it can be a quick process and for some it may be longer. The recommended average is between 35 to 40 hours of professionally tutored lessons. However, everyone is different and therefore there is no specific answer. After a few lessons with me, based on performance and capacity to learn, I will make an informed prediction of how long it may take.

How much will it cost?

In relation to the previous question, it can vary from person to person on how long it will take to finish the whole process of learning to drive. The amount it will cost overall will depend on the amount of lessons you receive, what course you may choose to take and how many times you may need to take the Theory and Practical tests. I will try to make the process as economical as possible by making the most out of the lessons you receive.

How long will lessons take?

Each lesson will be two hours long. I do not do one-hour lessons as students make slow progress, feel like they’re not progressing and waste money. It is far more cost effective to do two-hour lessons.

Should I learn manual or automatic?

Depending on a number of factors, I would encourage you to learn how to drive a manual vehicle. This is because when learning manual, you can transfer the skills over to driving an automatic vehicle, as you will not have to manually change gears.

However if you only learn to drive an automatic vehicle, then you will be unable to drive a manual vehicle, which can create problems when purchasing or hiring cars in the future.

Having said all of that, if you would prefer to learn automatic then I will be delighted to help you.

How will you assess my progress and notify me when I’m ready to take the practical test?

I will assess your performance and compare it against the student progress record. Once I have a clear pitcure of what is required, we will agree together what the course of action is to be.

Progress is an individual thing, people progress at different speeds, I will show you what you need to learn, how to do it and then it’s up to you to apply what you have been taught.

What if I don’t get on with my instructor?

I strive to achieve 100% satisfaction, making you feel comfortable. However, in the unfortunate event that you feel like you do not get on with me or you do not like how you are being taught, you are welcome to stop your lessons. I simply ask that you bring any concerns to me first, I will try my best to address any concerns you may have. I really am a nice person and I don’t want to see people unhappy.

I offer a money back guarantee where you get the last hour back and any over payments you may have made are refunded. For example, you buy 10 hours and after 6 you are unhappy, you are refunded 5.

How can I pay for my lessons?

I will happily accept Cash, Bank Transfers or Cheque as suitable payment for lessons and courses.

Will I use my instructors car on the practical test?

There isn’t a pool of cars at the test centre; you need to supply a car for the driving test. You should take the car that you drive the most and feel comfortable driving.

Most students only drive my car and so that is the car they would use in the test. Some students are lucky enough to drive with parents and if they feel more comfortable in their car, they should use that car for the test. (There are some limitations, so check the latest information here:

Once I’ve passed the theory test, how long is this valid for?

Once you have completed and passed your theory test, this is valid for up to two years from the date you passed it.

What if I need to cancel or rearrange a driving lesson?

Just talk to me, I will try my best to help you out. I might be able to swap you with another student. We are all adults, talk to me and I’ll try my best to help you out.

Will I be charged for cancelling or missing a lesson at short notice?

Let’s put a bit of context in this. When I first started in 2011, I didn’t have a cancellation policy. People used to book lessons and then not bother to turn up. This meant that I was wasting time and people who were waiting for lessons didn’t get them. It was then that I made a cancellation policy.

It is important that if you need to cancel a booking, you must do so 48 hours prior to the lesson. Things happen and we all need to cancel lessons from time to time. Give me as much warning as you can and I will try and swap you with someone else. If I can swap you then I don’t have an issue.

If I can’t swap you with someone else then it would be classed as a late cancellation. However, as I don’t want to be unfair, the first late cancellation is always free. If you become unreliable, any subsequent late cancellations would be chargeable.

As with all things, talk to me, we might be able to agree something else, I don’t want to penalise people.