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driving instructor Fleet

If you’re in Fleet and you want to learn how to drive then I’m here to help! I’m Gavin, an independent driving instructor, and I have been teaching since 2011 transforming the non-drivers of Fleet into some of the most competent drivers on the road. I believe that it’s my responsibility to produce good drivers rather than just teaching my students enough to pass their test and no more.

I pride myself on providing a learning experience that is second to none and I adapt my teaching methods to suit each individual student, allowing them to learn at a pace that suits them. With a pass rate that is consistently above the national average and over 200 five star reviews it’s clear that my students also feel they’ve benefitted from my teaching style!

It’s perfectly natural to be nervous when it comes to learning how to drive and some people find themselves much more affected by their nerves than others. I am very accomplished in successfully teaching even the most anxious of learners how to drive confidently and competently. It is a priority to ensure each of my students is completely at ease and provided with an environment that they’re comfortable learning in.

I have a reputation for my success in teaching students who have learning difficulties including ADHD, dyspraxia and dyslexia. You may be concerned that these conditions will impede your ability to drive however that simply isn’t the case. I will work with you to show that there are no obstacles you cannot overcome in order to become an excellent driver.

Driving Lessons Fleet

Offering as much support as possible to my students during their journey to become a fantastic driver is important to me. With this in mind, I have created additional learning resources which can be accessed via my website for free. There are documents which provide important insight and information on the entire learning process, covering your first lesson right through to advice on how to prepare for your test.

Also available are a number of helpful videos which cover a range of aspects related to driving that will prove useful to learners. These videos include tips on how to master techniques including reverse bay parking and parallel parking alongside handy guides covering one-way roads, the priority system and more. These resources allow my students the opportunity to continue their driving education outside of their actual driving lessons.

In addition to developing your driving skills, over the course of your driving lessons in Fleet, you will also gain valuable experience in travelling around the local area. Are you nervous about navigating Fleet High Street with all of the pedestrian crossings? Maybe you’re concerned about the multiple crossroads that require hill starts? If there is a specific road or area that you’d like to gain first-hand experience on we can spend some time focusing on them. I’ll have you driving with the confidence to tackle any road or roundabout you may come across.

Fleet does not have its own test centre which means when you are ready to sit your test it will take place at Farnborough Test Centre on Aerospace Boulevard. During the driving lessons leading up to your test we will ensure you are as prepared as possible by exploring previous test routes, giving you the opportunity to experience what to expect in your test.

The nearest Theory Test Centre is located at Pearson Professional Centre on Pickford Street in Aldershot, which is easily accessible by car or public transport. You can prepare to take your test by utilising the theory test resources that are provided on my website.


Driving Lesson Costs

To ensure that you are confident in choosing me as your driving instructor I offer the first 2 hours at a discounted rate, allowing you to experience learning with me before committing to paying for full price lessons.

Block bookings of 10 hours are offered at a discounted price as is standard with most driving schools. However I don’t think it’s fair for students who don’t have the means to book in bulk to miss out which is why everybody who learns with me receives every 10th hour for half price!

Independent Driving Instructor Fleet

When you learn with me you get an unrivalled learning experience with an instructor who is truly passionate about turning people into confident and skilled drivers. If this sounds good to you then contact me today to book your driving lessons in Fleet.

“I couldn’t recommend Gavin enough! Such a friendly guy with a great sense of humour, who always made me feel welcome and confident in my driving abilities. He has a great way of teaching, and always made sure that I understood everything thoroughly and explained things in a way that I could remember. Gavin was very accommodating when sorting out lesson slots, and would always work around my college timetable. Thank you Gavin for all of your help!” – K. Lynch

“Gavin taught our daughter Kate and she passed with zero faults. We searched for somebody local who Kate would feel comfortable and confident with, we were not disappointed ! There were tears and laughter – but mainly laughter, Kate grew in confidence every week and by the time of her test was a very competent and confident young driver. Gavin – as many have said, you are a local legend ! To anyone looking for a great instructor – look no further, the reviews are accurate and you very much get what you pay for, you will not be disappointed – thanks Gavin.” – D. Regan

“A huge thank you to Gavin House for getting me through my test. He’s an excellent instructor, patient, kind, funny and simply amazing! I’d highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive. No faults either!” – A. Wilde