Why Pick Me?

Below I have put a load of reasons why you should pick me as your driving instructor. They are all excellent reasons and I’ll be amazed if you haven’t wanted to contact me after that.

At the end of the day though, you only have my word for it and why should you believe me? I’m just as sceptical as any person when looking at web sites. I view all internet content as fishy until proven otherwise.

You are currently in the same position; you don’t know me so why should you listen to me?!?!

Well that’s fair enough if you ask me!

With this in mind, I am trying to allay any fears that people may have. As a result I decided to interview some of my students out of the blue, no prior warning, just shoved my iPhone in their faces and asked them to talk.

See the video reviews here.

I book your theory and practical tests for you
So you don’t have to worry. I then agree a structured training program so that you will be ready for your test in time.

I am an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)
Many schools used PDI’s (Potential Driving Instructor). A PDI is a trainee and simply hasn’t got the experience of an ADI. They can legally teach on the road but despite paying the same price, you are likely to get an inferior product with a PDI.

Ex-Skid Control Instructor
I have the knowledge and skills to teach about car control in tricky conditions such as rain, snow or ice. I’ll teach you why a skid occurs and how to control it.

I am a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists
I also belong to the Driving Instructors Association and as such comply with their code of conduct.

I am recommended by Wellington College
(A mixed co-educational boarding and day school in Crowthorne). If Wellington College is prepared to recommend me to their £10,500 a term students, they must have great confidence in my abilities!

I am recommended by previous students
If previous students are prepared to write a recommendation for me, I think it speaks volumes as to the training they got! Be honest, trying to get a 17 year old to actually want to write something for you is a miracle! See the driving lesson reviews here.

Free Highway Code for all Students
If you commit to more than 2 hours of tuition, you get a highway code for free!

Free handouts and lesson plans on my website
I am building a useful resource on my website. If you can do background reading and learn what I need you to know, I don’t need to spend time (and your money) teaching you in the car – How many other instructors deliberately go out of their way to make you pay less?!?!

Free online Theory and Hazard Perception
Once a student of mine, I’ll give you online access to study and test yourself, so no need to buy the CD’s, that’s saved £20!

Free Student Record for all students
After each lesson I mark your progress of the day and agree what we will do at your next lesson; this enables us to track your progress. You can see how you are progressing and so therefore have confidence that I am not trying to string you along. It highlights areas for improvement, gives you confidence and means that we can move on again from where we left off at the previous lesson.

My Pass Rates are WAAAAAYYY above the national average
You’re getting quality! See the driving lesson statistics here.

You get £20 for passing your test with zero faults
To encourage students to try that little bit harder, every student who passes with zero faults wins £20! It’s happened a lot.

£20 reward for referring others to me
If you refer someone and they then have a minimum of 10 hours tuition; I’ll give you £20 as a thank you.

Drive on your first lesson
I hear stories of some people still doing theory after 6 hours. You will be driving on your first lesson – guaranteed!

I can teach Theory and Hazard Perception at your home
If you are struggling with the theory side of things, we can use my Laptop and do theory; you don’t need to use me just for driving; I will help you with any aspect of getting a licence.

I teach people with learning difficulties
Asbergers and dyslexia are very common, you need patience, the ability to keep calm and vary your teaching to each situation.

I teach skills as taught by the Institute of Advanced Motorists
I teach what the advanced motorists teach as standard, observation, safety, control, timing – not just what’s in a handbook. It’s easier to learn, takes less time (therefore cheaper) and is more logical. Most examiners are advanced drivers – they like seeing someone of a good standard.

I keep use of the dual controls to a minimum
All too often you hear of instructors who are always on the brakes or touching the steering wheel. Of course you have the assurance that I won’t let anything dangerous happen to you but I will let you play and learn as well. Making mistakes is part and parcel of learning.

I fix the mistakes of other instructors
I am always getting people with previous experience of other driving instructors and I am amazed at the rubbish people are being taught.

As an example I’d say 90% of instructors appear to teach going into 2nd gear on the approach to roundabouts!! Why? It’s England! There’s bound to be a car coming and so you need to stop; you should always ‘Expect to stop but Look to Go’. Come in short, look, pick the gear for your speed then go, that way you will always be in the correct gear and approaching at a suitable speed. Approaching a give way line at 10mph in 2nd is madness!!!!! (And directly contradicts how advanced drivers are taught).

Another favourite is telling people to brake for give way lines, then the student stalls or has to do a hill start, the car rolls back and the student panics. Just aim short, creep to the line, a bit of clutch control and all of a sudden you look like a driving god!!

It’s not rocket science but yet people are taught this rubbish time and time again then fail their driving tests for too high an approach speed or poor car control. It drives me mad!!!

The problem is what we are taught as driving instructors in “driving instructor school”. We are taught a way someone found worked once and therefore what we must say when teaching. We are also taught to constantly analyse our own driving and teach what works; in my experience the analysis and constant reflection of our driving isn’t always done. This often results in a teacher that’s “Do as I say, not do as I do”.

I teach real world driving so that you are a safe driver, that’s all an examiner is after; they don’t care what you do, it’s how you do it that matters!

I tailor your training to your needs
If you are having problems in an area, I will fix it. I will make sure you get the skills so that you feel happy.

I GPS all driving tests
I keep a record so that we can go back over the exact route if someone has problems but also enables me to instantly tell my other students of any new routes or tricky junctions that examiners are using. I doubt many other instructors do that! You’ll find lists of them here.

I am flexible to match your diary
I am always picking people up at one place and dropping them somewhere else, Bracknell, Reading, Wokingham, Guildford, Farnborough, Camberley, I have a student in Bracknell with college in Maidenhead. Start work at 9? No problem, I’ll be at your house for 7. I’ve even been up at 5:30 to get a student to a driving test at 8am in Chichester!!!!!

Try finding someone else who’s prepared to be that flexible!

I teach over 14’s on private roads
Always striving to improve road safety.

I take great personal pride in my work
When someone fails a test, I improve the way I teach so that others learn from that mistake; I always strive to improve.

Bring a friend on your lesson
I don’t mind if you want some moral support; they can sit there taking the mickey out of you. This also applies if you can’t find a baby sitter, if you supply the seat then I’m happy for you to bring your child providing that they aren’t too distracting for you.

Listen to your music in the car
Examiners like a bit of music! You like music; it keeps you calm. It’s what you’ll do after you’ve passed anyway so why not learn to drive with that distraction from day 1 when I’m here to look after you?

There’s no such thing as a bad student, only a bad teacher!
If you can’t drive it’s because you haven’t been shown how to drive in the way you need to be shown. I am yet to find a student I couldn’t train.

Varied training techniques
Some people like pictures, others just like to be told, some like to write notes, some want to be shown and then copy. I am happy to train in the manner you need so that you understand.

Happy to supply invoices
Some people get their work to pay for the training; I’m happy to provide invoices if you prefer.

So if you’re now convinced that you’d like me as your Driving Instructor please get in touch.