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If you’re looking for a five-star driving instructor in Basingstoke congratulations – you’ve found him!

I’m Gavin, an independent driving instructor since 2011 teaching the lovely residents of Basingstoke how to drive – and more specifically how to drive well!

I believe that a focus on developing the correct attitude to driving is just as important as teaching students the technical aspects of how to drive. My consistently above average pass rate and abundance of five-star reviews suggest that I might just know what I’m talking about!

Everybody learns in different ways and at their own pace which is absolutely fine. My teaching style is personalised to each individual student to cater to this. One of the most common problems that learner drivers experience is nerves. Getting into the driving seat and being in control of a car can be overwhelming however I am a specialist in putting my students at ease, allowing them to focus on learning without unnecessary worries.

Over the years I have gained a reputation as someone who can successfully teach individuals with issues that they may feel will hold them back, helping them to become competent and confident drivers. Whether you’re simply nervous or have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD my teaching methods will ensure you are in a comfortable environment to progress in a way that suits you.

Driving Lessons Basingstoke

Alongside a first class learning experience I also help my students to learn while we’re not on a driving lesson. My website contains a wealth of high quality learning resources – created by yours truly – that allows for plenty of learning in the comfort of your own home. Available for free are videos that explain in detail how to perform manoeuvers including parallel parking and reverse bay parking as well as how to properly navigate everyday situations such as one way roads, traffic lights and crossroads.

Alongside these instructional videos there are also a wide range of documents that explain everything you need to know about driving – from your very first time behind the wheel to successfully passing your test. Providing these to my students and giving them the opportunity to learn from home results in more time for practical learning during our driving lessons. This means you get more value for money and it actually saves you money in the long run!

During your driving lessons in Basingstoke as well as teaching you to become a fantastic driver I will also ensure you gain experience in what driving in Basingstoke actually entails. If you’re concerned about driving in any area or there is a specific road or roundabout that you feel nervous about tackling we can spend some time focusing on them to build your confidence. Whether you’re not sure on how to approach Black Dam Roundabout, worried about navigating the Brighton Hill and Aldermaston Road roundabouts or if driving on the Ringway simply terrifies you I can teach you how to properly and confidently handle any road or roundabout you may encounter.

Driving tests in Basingstoke are carried out from the Basingstoke Test Centre at Brighton Hill Centre. In preparation for your test we will explore previous test routes in order for you to get an accurate idea of what to expect. Unfortunately Basingstoke does not have a theory test centre so when you are ready to take your theory test you will have to travel to Reading. There are resources that can be accessed via my website for free that can ensure you are completely prepared to pass.


Driving Lesson Costs

I offer a discounted rate for the first 2 hours, giving you a chance to see what I’m like before committing to paying for more standard rate driving lessons.

I also offer a discount for 10-hour block bookings. However! I’ve always felt that it is completely unfair on those who are unable to buy their lessons in bulk as they miss out on the savings and I want to ensure everybody can benefit. This is why anybody who learns with me will get every 10th hour for £20!

Independent Driving Instructor Basingstoke

I’m passionate about producing good drivers rather than just teaching enough to get you through your test and as a result people who learn with me pass first time with more zero fault passes than the national average. If you’re looking to book driving lessons in Basingstoke get in touch with me today to become one of my many very satisfied customers! 

“I would highly recommend Gavin to anyone who is looking to drive and learn. He is amazing, patient, understanding and makes you feel very relaxed and confident on your lessons.” – S. Aldea

“I would highly recommend Gavin as a driving instructor. He is great at focusing on areas of weakness, and making sure that you know what to improve on from week to week. Gavin is friendly and engaging, using helpful learning styles to aid your understanding of driving situations. I passed first time, and he really helped me build my confidence when making decisions during my drive.” – S. Heaney


“Passed my test today first time with zero faults under Gavin’s excellent instruction. Lessons were relaxed and very enjoyable. Gavin is a first-class instructor, always on time, flexible if needed and simply a top guy.” – M. Hannigan