Parent Recommendations

Please Note that all the comments below are completely genuine. I have done some minor editing to add the odd comma, full stop or correct spelling to aid reading but I have tried to maintain the essence of the original message.

Parent Testimonials

“Excellent, a really great instructor, friendly and patient. Thank you for everything, will certainly recommend you to others.”
Sarah Jarratt

“Gavin House was the absolutely perfect instructor for my daughter. She is extremely shy and prone to panic attacks and therefore needed a very understanding, patient, kind instructor. She had all this and more in Gavin.
He completely met all her needs and managed to give her the confidence to pass her test on the second run. He has a very structured, logical way of teaching and is completely flexible in terms of his student’s needs. Honestly as a parent I couldn’t have asked for more. He also has a tremendous sense of humour and makes the lessons fun. I would recommend Gavin to anyone and everyone. You will not be disappointed!
Best wishes and have a very Happy Christmas!”
Carole Shattock

“Gavin taught both my sons. They both passed first time, and are excellent drivers. Gavin has a great sense of humour which is needed when one is feeling nervous. He has a method of teaching which “sticks”. His website is extremely informative for students as well as it helps students pass their theory test.
I will definitely be using Gav for my 3rd son.”
Zara Sanders

Why would we recommend Gavin to other parents? Well, from her very first lesson to passing her test at the first attempt, we knew things were going well because of Katie’s enthusiasm for her lessons.
We were surprised how quickly you had a complete learner out on busy roads, and managed to stay calm and keep Katie calm too. You responded to Katie as an individual and helped her with the things she found difficult (roundabouts!).
We were pleased that Katie had such a good instructor, but you also did a brilliant job keeping us involved and making sure that we were happy with her progress and could support her every step of the way. It is good to know all that money is being well spent!
Your professional attitude and sense of humour worked well. You have helped Katie develop into a good driver, giving her both caution and confidence, and I am proud to sit next to her when she drives.
If any prospective parents want to contact me I would be happy for them to contact me through you
Best wishes”
Lucy and Jay (Katie Dear’s Mum and Dad)