Driving Instructor Guildford

driving instructor Guildford

I’m Gavin and I have been providing high-quality driving lessons in Guildford since 2011. As an independent driving instructor, I offer a highly flexible service that is completely tailored to your specific learning style, progressing at a pace that suits you. I feel strongly that a driving instructor is responsible for more than simply teaching students enough to get them through their test and no more.

I am passionate about producing confident and competent drivers who approach driving with the correct attitude. With over 200 five star reviews and an above-average pass rate, my previous students have certainly benefited from my teaching methods!

Learning to drive can be a nerve-racking prospect for even the most confident of people however it’s completely natural to be worried about getting behind the wheel. 


I specialise in teaching students who may require a little extra time to get used to driving and I’m renowned for my endless patience! Rather than offering “one size fits all” type of lessons my style is completely adaptable and I aim to ensure my students are at ease in the driving seat at all times.

I’m also widely recognised for my experience in successfully teaching those who have ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and similar conditions that they may feel are significant obstacles in learning to drive. With my help you’ll realise that there’s nothing holding you back from becoming a fantastic driver.

Driving Lessons Guildford

When you learn with me, during lessons you will receive a first class learning experience however it doesn’t end there. I also provide an abundance of additional material via my website which allows my students to continue their driving education at home. Included in this are instructional videos which clearly explain many different aspects of driving that learners are often worried about tackling such as parking, manoeuvers, crossroads and the priority system.

I’ve also put together a range of documents which contain everything you need to know about the process of learning to drive. From what to expect on your first lesson and how a car actually works to understanding road signs, developing driving skills and how to prepare for your test, everything is covered.

Providing resources which allow my students to learn at home means they can take full advantage of the time spent in the car during their lessons, focusing on the practical aspects of driving while getting excellent value for money.

Alongside learning everything you need to know to become a skilled and assured driver, during your driving lessons in Guildford you will also gain plenty of experience in driving around the local area. There may be a specific road or roundabout you’re worried about tackling or an unfamiliar area that you’re concerned about navigating – whatever it is we can spend time focusing on it.

Whether the A25 crossroads terrify you, you’re unsure about driving in the countryside near Worplesdon, Jacobs Well and Woking or you’d just like some experience travelling through the town centre I can help you overcome these concerns and give you the confidence to drive around Guildford like an expert.

Guildford has its own test centre situated at Slyfield Industrial Estate. In the period leading up to your test I will ensure that you’re as prepared as possible by taking you around previous test routes. This gives you the opportunity to experience the surrounding area and learn what to expect during your actual test.

Theory tests are taken at Pearson Professional Centre on North Street which is easily accessible by car, bus or train. My website contains free theory test resources, providing you with everything you need to assure yourself of a pass.


Driving Lesson Costs

If you’d like to get a feel for what I’m like as a driving instructor I offer a discounted rate for the first 2 hours, allowing you to experience my teaching methods before committing to full price lessons.

Bookings of 10 hours will receive a discount. I feel it’s unfair to punish those who are not able to purchase their lessons in bulk which is why anybody who learns with me will receive every 10th hour for half price!

Independent Driving Instructor Guildford

I’m proud of the quality of teaching I provide to each and every person who chooses to learn with me. My consistently above average pass rate and huge number of overwhelmingly positive reviews show how effective my methods are. If you require driving lessons in Guildford and want to learn from the very best get in touch with me today!

“Passed with zero faults thanks to him. A great guy, even better teacher. Coming from outside of the UK, I was having a hard time with these super complicated roundabouts but feeling much more confident now. Passing the test is the ultimate goal but he focuses on making you a better driver as well. Highly recommended.” – D. Gizli

“Fantastic instructor! Calm, passionate and respectful. I have learnt a lot and will recommend for sure! Thank you!” – D. Williamson

“OMG what fantastic service from Gavin he is absolutely incredible at what he does. Can’t fault him at all. Keep up the hard work Gav. I would give 10 stars if I could!” – S. Kaur