The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth is a road safety charity very near to my heart having nearly lost a friend at Christmas 2015.

Globally 3400 people will die TODAY due to road-related incidents. I am proud to say that I do my bit to try and improve the quality of education for my students so that they don’t become yet another of the road death statistics.


What is ‘The Honest Truth’? Straight from their website:

This site gives you ‘The Honest Truth’ using information and statistics to show you how small changes save lives.

The Honest Truth was originally conceived in 2009 following a tragic fatal collision in South Devon that claimed the lives of three young people. the Honest Truth sees the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Local Authority and Approved Driving Instructors working together to help reduce the number of young people being killed and seriously injured on our roads. Whether you’re an instructor, parent, teacher, student or fellow road safety professional we’re very grateful that you’ve taken an interest in The Honest Truth. From humble beginnings and an initial aim to work with 25 ADI’s in South Devon the charity now works with numerous road safety partnerships right across the United Kingdom and nearly 2000 ADI’s a number which is steadily growing. Please let us know if there is more we can do to support you with The Honest Truth, and please spread the word of the charity to you peers.

Please go to to find out more.

My students are educated on these safety aspects and can now even get a certificate to prove that they have done ‘The Honest Truth’ course.


If you wish to read all about it then please use the links below and download your own copy – afterall, everyone should know the truth.

Download: The Honest Truth Leaflet

Download: The Honest Truth Booklet