Test Rescue

OMG! It's all gone pear shaped but dont worry, I'll fix you - I promise!

Obviously sometimes we just do things on a test that we never normally do and muck up; just have another go if this is you.

You should only go to a test if you don't need your instructor beside you being your guardian angel. If you can do all of your manoeuvres first time, every time, if you feel confident that you will make good decisions and keep everyone safe once you're driving on your own then have another go.

However, most people fail due to observation, awareness and poor planning; driving a car around is the easy bit and actually a very small part of a driving test.


  • Have you been taught to approach a roundabout in 2nd and only go into 1st if there's car there? (This is bad teaching by the way)
  • Do roundabouts scare you because there isn't enough time for everything? Not seeing speed limit changes?
  • Don't feel confident in your abilities?
  • Have you been taught to parallel park by using someone elses car to know when to turn (meaning if they've parked badly so do you)?
  • Have you been taught Mirror Signal Position Speed Look, Look Assess Decide Act etc? (IPSGA is the way forward)

If you can say yes to any of the above then you have been taught by someone who isn't an advanced driver or even worse, is an advanced driver but doesn't think about what they are teaching.

Whatever your situation, there is a simple technique to can use and your drive will instantly improve. I will show you quick and easy ways to complete all your manoeuvres, boost your confidence and put the fun back into driving.

You won't believe how easy it can be to fix someone; trust me, have a look at the reviews page I've fixed loads of people in your shoes.

To book a lesson, or if you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to give us a call me 07595 219614