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I don't want to put anyone off driving - after all I love it! Driving is freedom, fun and gives opportunities such as getting to jobs that previously wouldn't have been possible.

Driving a car also puts a big responsibility on the driver. You are ultimately driving a big metal box that will kill or seriously injure either yourself or someone else if you stop thinking for even a moment.

There are loads of reasons why a crash and possible death can occur, the list is longer than this but it's a start:

  • Other road users driving too close or agressively.
  • Peer pressure from passengers.
  • Not thinking about others.
  • Not anticipating the dangers around you, blind corners, schools etc.
  • Drink and/or drugs.
  • Having a cold.
  • Tiredness.
  • Music too loud.
  • Showing off.
  • Children fighting in the back seat.
  • Using a mobile or changing a CD whilst driving.
  • Not appreciating the weather conditions.
  • Not maintaining the road worthiness of your vehicle.

ALWAYS ASSUME THE WORST and you'll be prepared for it. Know human nature and what people are likely to do around you, that way you can anticipate, use common sense and avoid an accident before its even started.

Here are some videos that I have found that really highlight how dangerous driving can be when you aren't thinking responsibly or anticipating dangers.

If you find some others that you feel would be worth adding to this page, please let me know.

Other Road Users



Driving Standards Agency Videos

'Show me, tell me' questions

Please Click here to download all of the questions that may be asked.

General Warning Videos

DSA Motorway Driving Videos

Stay Safe Keep Moving is a suite of investigative documentaries which look at some of the worst driving behaviours on England's motorways. These have been identified as tailgating, lane hogging, unnecessary use of the hard shoulder and the overhead red X with flashing lights.

The simple premise of each of the films is to look at what the behaviour is, why drivers do it, what can happen as a result and how the risk can be minimised.

Fit to Tow? Videos

If you're taking to the roads with a caravan, trailer or horsebox, don't set out without a final safety and maintenance check, especially if you leave it standing for most of the year.